How to Edit the Image on the Remember Dates / Welcome Back Message

Remember Dates  - Welcome Back Message

You can edit the image and the color of the font for the Welcome Back Message.  Please follow the instructions below:

  • Login to the CMS go to Pages and Edit the Home page



  • Go to Advanced Settings and locate the WELCOMEBACKIMAGE

You can Change image and Delete the current image and Crop the image selected.

If you delete the image, a Net Affinity Stock Image will be displaying.

The Image size is 489x312.

Hint: Remember to enter the Alt image text to describe the image to visitors who are unable to see them and also to add a relevant Title.

  • You can also change the Welcome Back Message’s background color. Within the Home Page Advanced Settings you will find the field WELCOMEBACKBACKGROUNDCOLOUR where you can insert the color code.
  • To change the Call to Action button color, please go to the Home page > Advanced Settings > Find the WELCOMEBACKCTACOLOUR and insert the color code in the text field.



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