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How to navigate your template website

The Content Management System (CMS) is split into four categories – PagesModules, Media and Settings


All created pages are found under Pages.

  • To reorder these pages for internal use click on Order. Click & drag items to where you’d like them. Save.
  • Pages that are not yet public will be flagged as disabled.
  • Each page can also have subpages. E.g Rooms is one page with subpages 

Additional Features:

  • New: Add a new page.
  • Find: Search for a specific page.
  • Order: Reorder the sequence of page.
  • Restore: Retrieve pages that have been deleted.


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The modules are:-

  • Datasets: Create & update features that can be added to a page.
  • Forms: Create & manage all forms.
  • Galleries: Upload & manage home banner images, inside page banner images and all galleries.
  • Menus: Edit & update menu items
  • News: Add news items.
  • Pop Up Messages: Add & Manage Pop Up Messages for your website.


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Under Media, the following are found:

  • Images: Upload images to be inserted within the copy/content of a page.
  • Files: Upload & manage all PDF & Word documents.
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  • Redirects: Set up a URL redirect.


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