1. Booking Engine Version 1
  2. Rateplans, Room Types & Occupants

How to set up a Rateplan

  • Go to Admin > Rateplan > Add New Rateplan
  • There are 5 steps in the process of building a Rate Plan
  • Step 1 - Enter all details of rateplan including
    • Long Description - this will appear on the Check Availability Page & the Confirmation Email.
    • Short Description - this will appear on the Specials pages
    • Add Rateplan Image
    • Consolidator Image - if you are selling this rate on a consolidator site. 
  • Step 2 
    • Enter valid to and from dates (to date should be pushed out as far as possible)
    • Chose your Minimum Stay & Maximum Stay e.g 1 night, 30 nights
    • Max Booking Date for Last Minute Bookings - (if none select none, not 0),
    • Min Booking Date for Advance Purchase Bookings - (if none select none, not 0),
    • Cancellation detail - days & time that guest can cancel until
    • Stay & Arrival Dates
    • 'Set to offline' should remain un-ticked unless rateplan should not appear on the front end for sale
  • Step 3
    • Select grouped offers the rateplan should appear on
    • Select how rates should appear ie. Total Stay or Per Night. From the conversion point of view we do recommend having all rate plans displayed in the same format as "Total Price"
    • 'Rooms from' price should be the lowest price the rateplan is available at for that period and will appear on the specials page on the front end.
    • 'Show availability on calendar' should only be selected for certain rateplans that have limited availability over a particular period eg. sale rateplan/friday night offer etc  
  • Step 4
    • If the Pre Payment module is enabled, the option to make this rateplan prepaid will appear
    • Select 'Pull from central availability' in order to pull from main availability pool
    • Select floating rateplan if floating from another rateplan, otherwise leave un-ticked and load rates separately for that particular rateplan
  • Step 5
    • Tick all available roomtypes rateplan is available on,
    • Active URLs - which URLs that rateplan will be available to sell on - always select your site & mobile site. Then select which consolidator sites you want the rateplan to be available on.
    • Any terms & conditions specific to this rateplan only. These will appear above the General T&Cs.

Once all steps in the Booking Engine Build Process you then click Update in Step 5 to save the rateplan.

ALWAYS check the rateplan from the front end of the site, as a guest would see it, so you can be sure it's set up correctly