1. Booking Engine Version 1
  2. Rateplans, Room Types & Occupants

How to set up an Enhancement / Add On

To learn more about Enhancements, check out our short 15 minute Level Up session here.

Create an Enhancement Category

*You must create an enhancement category/categories before you create the individual enhancements*

  1. Add new enhancement category
  2. Enter name of enhancement category
  3. Enter short description of the enhancement category
  4. Always expand means the category will be open on default on the booking engine. If left unticked the user can expand to see the details.
  5. Check the boxes for the rateplans you want the enhancements to show up on
  6. Check the room types you want the enhancements to appear on
  7. Upload an image to make the category more enticing
  8. Insert the sell sequence. This controls the order the enhancement categories will be displayed on.

Create an Enhancement

Once the category is created you can set up the individual enhancements.

  1. From the drop down list choose the relevant enhancement category
  2. Enter the name of the enhancement
  3. Enter the description of the enhancement, should be enticing to the guest
  4. Email description - Text in this field will appear on the Booking Confirmation only. It will not appear on your website.
  5. Enter the price of the product/service
  6. Show per person message - Tick this box to add the message 'Per Person' after the price of the enhancement, if the pricing is dependant on the number of guests. 
  7. Show price - Tick this to not show the price of the enhancement, this item is for use when the enhancement is a zero value
  8. Notification Email: Enter email address to be cc'd (you might want to notify the spa manager when a spa enhancement is purchased). Can be left blank all enhancements are automatically included on reservation email.
  9. Limit booking days prior to arrival - To allow hotel notice to organise wine, spa diary etc may need to limit the enhancement booking to several days prior to arrival.
  10. Max to book - Controls the maximum number of enhancements that can be purchased with a booking. If 'No Limit' is selected, this will allow up to 5 of this enhancement to be purchased.
  11. Link to no. of occupants/nights - Eg Dinner could be linked to the number of occupants and number of nights so the booking will automatically add on dinner based on the number of adults and nights staying
  12. Upload an image to make the category more enticing
  13. Insert the sell sequence. This controls the order the enhancement will appear in within the category, you can also drag & drop these from the overview screen.
  14. Time related enhancement - If the enhancement is time related e.g. dinner reservations or spa then tick the box. First time is opening time of restaurant/spa and second time is last reservation option. Time step is the interval between reservations.
  15. Show departure day - Show the enhancement as bookable on the day of departure e.g. room service breakfast
  16. Insert dates the enhancements is valid for and choose the days of the week the enhancement should run on.
  17. Click create to save