How to set up booking preferences

Booking preferences are items you can create to appear on the booking form e.g. 'How Found' 'Newsletter Sign up' 'Bed Preference' etc



To set them up follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin > Hotel info
  2. Click on 'Edit Booking Preferences' and Add new




Name: Enter the name for the booking preference e.g. special requirements

Description: Add a description for the item if needed

Limit to specific rateplans : Each preference can be rateplan specific

Url: Each preference can be url specific

Preference type: Select the type of booking preference to use.

The formats available are:

Once a booking preference type is selected you will see additional options for the type:

  • Newsletter sign up: You can select if the tick box should be ticked or un-ticked by default
  • Dropdown: Enter each of the dropdown options
  • Checkbox: You can select if the checkbox is mandatory and if the tick box is ticked or un-ticked by default
  • Textfield: You can select whether the text field can be left empty or not