1. Booking Engine Version 1
  2. Rateplans, Room Types & Occupants

How to set up Grouped Specials?

  • Go to Admin > Rateplans > Grouped Specials > Edit Grouped Specials
  • The first area called 'Specials Title Text' is the group for All Special Offers. 
  • To create your own grouped special, choose one of the Packages and fill in the following information:

    • Title: Name of Grouped Special

    • Leave Description Title Text blank

    • Choose Image using 'Choose File' which will allow you to pick an image from your device or Select an image from Net Affinity Image Gallery

    • Ensure Cross Sell Specials is ticked. This activates this Grouped Special on the website. 

  • There are space for 7 other Grouped Specials in total; Packages 1 - Packages 7. Simply give each a title, an image and then to make it live ensure that Cross Sell Packages is ticked.
  • Next thing you need to do is choose which offers go under which Grouped Special. You do this in the rateplan setup under step 3.
  • Finally check the grouped specials on the front end of your website and ensure all the offers showing in each Grouped Special are relevant