1. Booking Engine Version 1
  2. Rateplans, Room Types & Occupants

How to update my Rateplan images

  • Go to Admin > Rateplans
  • Edit rateplan
  • Under Step 1, select 'choose image' beside the featured image section
  • When you have clicked “Choose Image” you will be brought to folder Screen 
  • For instructions on how to set up a folder see below:

    Click on Folder Name
  • We recommend setting up the following folders on your Booking Engine;
    - Tariff Images Folder (here you can store all images relating to Rateplan Images)
    - Individual Room Type Folders – e.g Single / Double / Family etc
    - There is no restriction on the number of folders which can be set up.
  • Click on “Create New Folder”
  • Enter Folder Name & Click Create
  • Once Folder is Created you can click on Folder Name & Upload Images.

For instructions on how to add an image to your folder see below:

  • For instructions on how to add an image to your folder see below:
  • Click on folder name
  • Select “choose file” and add a file from your computer
  • Once the file is added select upload
  • It will appear in the list of images in your folder


  • Select which Image within the folder you want to appear for that Rateplan by choosing one from the folder
  • Click “update” on Rateplan Set Up

You can also use Stock Images - just click on Net Affinity image Gallery via the stock images folder on top of your folders

NOTE: File size must not exceed 1MB, and dimensions must be greater than 180 x 180