How to view the volume of PCI Proxy Charges

There is a small nominal cost associated with the service (PCI Proxy) for storing and viewing Credit Card details which is based on the volume of credit card “stores” and “views” i.e. the number of times you store or view either credit card details or CVV number.

The cost per transaction will be charged at €0.03 and each line of the report is equivalent to 1 transaction. To view the report please see below:

  • Go to Reports
  • Click on Credit/Debit Card Usage



  • Select the dates by using the Date Range
  • Click on Show to display results
  • Click on Generate Export to create an Excel File of the report.

For more information on charges to the Credit/Debit Card Usage, please see the article : What are the charges associated with viewing credit card details / PCI Proxy?