Is there a checklist I can use to help me set up my new campaign / offer?

Creating a new offer? We have put together the following checklist to help you ensure your offer gets the best chance in generating income for your hotel; 

Website Presentation: 

  • Review home page to ensure key offer is clear and add content if necessary 
  • Create a dedicated landing page for your offer and use this for all marketing / promotional activity
  • Advise us of new content loaded to site to ensure it is optimized for SEO (service available to Net Affinity Marketing Clients) 

 Booking Engine: 

  • Review Grouped Special - ensure your offer is present in your specials groups. 
  • Ensure your rateplan offer is the 1st result that returns on availability searches (if available for all) 

Create a marketing landing page for promotions

  • Use your marketing landing page to direct all paid marketing to your specific offer 


  • Run a dedicated campaign targeting specific markets with your key offer 

Google Ads 

  • Supply package URL's to Net Affinity to be added to sitelinks and price extensions  

Direct Email

  • Send eZine to Database with details of offer