Marketing Landing Pages: Best Practices

1. Use high quality imagery in correct sizes: avoid uploading images that are too small as their quality will be then compromised.

2.Use the same images for advertising: your landing pages and all ads should match to create the best user experience and help your marketing activities convert into bookings

3. Compress all images to their smallest possible sizes before uploading them to CMS

4. Make sure you use all components of your landing page: they’re there to help you upsell your offers and showcase your hotel in the best way possible.

5. Ensure your content is relevant to the offer you’re promoting and avoid repeating the same content in different sections:

Here are some content recommendations for each part of your landing page:

  • Main content carousel: use it to describe your content in an enticing way, focus on price point and use the 3 items to list what the offer includes
  • CTA Button: don’t be afraid to be direct with your call-to-action button – use “Book Now” or “Get Offer Now” instead of “Learn More” and “Visit Site” if your focus is to sell
  • 3 Circle Carousel: use these to provide some more information about the unique selling points of the hotel, for example, great location, award-winning spa, kids club, or gourmet dinners. Make sure these USPs are relevant to the offering
  • Testimonials: include those that are most relevant to the offer, for example, for family offers you should only include testimonials and reviews received from family guests, etc. Mix it up a little bit to make them more believable – they don’t all have to be 5 stars
  • 2 Column Carousel: use this section to add more details about your offer, for example the T&Cs (if any apply) or to talk more about your hotel or its surroundings, for example, for family offers, include some details on nearby activities and things to do. Avoid repeating the same content you have already included in any of the above sections.

 If you’re using a landing page to promote a sale, make sure to repeat the price point in few different places to really make it stand out