Mitigating Tracking Losses

If you are currently running activity on Google or Facebook, you will have noticed significant tracking discrepancies and a perceived drop in performance due to reporting errors, as a result of privacy updates such as Apple’s iOS14 update. Safari and Firefox already automatically block third party cookies - in 2024, so will Chrome. 

We have partnered with RescueMetrics to protect your data. RescueMetrics acts as a pathway for marketing data to travel through to stop conversion disruption, restore cookies where possible, and improve attribution and conversion data. They also provide a Facebook Conversion API for improved reporting on Meta's platforms. 

Cookie deprecation
Cookie windows have been shortened to a matter of days/weeks for users browsing via Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. RescueMetrics extends these cookies back out to 180 days, giving you full visibility over returning visitors and their customer journey.

Signal loss
Secure browsers such as Brave, adblockers and some types of VPNs, block all third party tags from loading. This means a bulk of your users are invisible in your analytics, which skews demographic and channel insights. RescueMetrics enables these tags to load so that attribution data can connect with conversions.

iOS disruption
iOS updates (namely, iOS14) have blocked in-app browsing analytics from being shared back with brands. RescueMetrics automatically enables Conversion API to bring back visibility over these analytics, bypassing the manual install and inhouse hosting that would otherwise be required.

RescueMetrics does not store or process your data which makes them GDPR compliant. No privacy policy updates are required to use this tool. As they don’t store or process your data, you won’t receive a report from them, but instead, you can expect to see your marketing reporting improve across all Google Platforms and Facebook.

What exactly can you expect to see in your marketing reporting?

  • Fewer analytics discrepancies through extended cookie windows
  • Better visibility on returning visitors
  • Decrease in direct/unknown conversions
  • Improved channel attribution
  • Improved demographic data
  • Improved remarketing lists through extended cookie windows
  • Improved data sent to machine learning tools on Google Ads and Facebook, helping to improve their ability to target the right users 
  • Facebook Conversion API
  • Better visibility on iOS and Safari users through Facebook’s machine learning tools

Set up and fees
RescueMetrics offers a 4 week free trial. After the trial period, monthly fees are based on traffic volume which range anywhere from €30 upwards, paid directly to RescueMetrics via credit card. Actual expected fees for your property will be confirmed by RescueMetrics during your trial period.

If you would like to learn more, or if you are interested in a trial, please reach out to your Net Affinity account contact and we can advise on next steps.