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Product-level Data in GA4 - Booking Engine Version 1

In order to fetch the product-level e-commerce data for Booking Engine Version 1, e-commerce funnel step events and some click events generated from the website, we’ve updated the GA4 Containers for the GTM Accounts.


Please download the GTM container which suits your needs:


These containers are available as standard or with Cookiebot if you are using the platform for cookie management. Please use whichever versions suit your current tracking set up and you can delete any tags you may not need, e.g. if you are not using our voucher system.


How to use the containers


  1. In GTM, navigate to the relevant account > admin > import container.
  2. Choose the GA4 container you’d like to import into your existing workspace
  3. Choose Merge under import options.
  4. Fields to update
    1. Variable: GA4 ID – Insert your existing Google Analytics – GA4 ID or abandon this change if you were using the same variable before.
    2. Tags: Google Analytics – GA4 Event – BKE Search & Google Analytics – GA4 Event – Reservation Form – remove these tags as we’ve already replaced them with View Item and Begin Checkout Events for the GA4 Built-In Funnels
  5. Publish the container
  6. If you want to continue tracking some additional parameters of the GA4 Events like Universal Analytics

Optional for GA4 Setup

      1. Enter https://analytics.google.com/ and choose your Google Analytics Account and then GA4 Property
      2. Click on Admin button located at the bottom of the left hand nav menu
      3. Choose Custom Definitions under Property Settings
        1. Choose Create custom dimensions (this will be to track the link_url parameters of the click (outbound clicks), tel_link_click (telephone clicks), mail_link_click (mail clicks) events)
          1. Dimension Name: link_url
          2. Scope: Event
          3. Description: Link URL
          4. Event Parameter: link_url
          5. Save
        2. Choose Create custom dimensions (Only applicable if you are using Action Bar on the website - this will be to track users who have interacted with your Action Bar Banner)
          1. Dimension Name: action_bar_engagement
          2. Scope: User
          3. Description: Action Bar Engagement
          4. Event Parameter: action_bar_engagement
          5. Save
      4. After this setup, you will be able to use the link_url and action_bar_engagement Custom Dimensions on your Custom Exploration Reports.