Promoting your Hotel as a Wedding Venue via Digital Campaigns

To have a clear focus when promoting your wedding venue you need an overall paid advertising wedding strategy in place. This will focus on each channel and ensure that you reach the customer on each touchpoint of their customer journey. Couples who recently got engaged will be actively researching venues and making decisions for their special day straight away. 

Social Media Ads

Lead Generation Ads

Lead generation campaigns have proven very successful in collecting qualified leads for our clients. They give you the opportunity to target leads with a follow-up email about your wedding venue/packages and to send them a wedding ezine (electronic magazines/online newsletter). You can include imagery, videos and a simple form for customers to fill out. Once a customer has submitted the form, you can then begin your retargeting. We can set this up to target anyone who has visited the wedding pages on your website in the past 60 days.

Prospecting Ads

Prospecting campaigns are a great way to target a new audience while excluding any remarketing lists/people who have already visited your website or dedicated wedding page. Detailed targeting within this campaign allows us to target people who are recently engaged with, and interested in, wedding planning. We recommend you use high-quality images/videos for a prospecting campaign on Facebook.

Google Ads

Search Ads
Location search campaigns show ads to those who are in-market and actively searching for your product or service. These ads can help drive leads and further traffic to your wedding pages. 

Display Ads

Display and discovery campaigns are a great way to capture your customers' attention. Try to use high-quality images of your hotel that show off its wedding venue potential. We suggest using both prospecting and remarketing display campaigns. Prospecting campaigns will target people who are engaged and interested in weddings topics, whereas remarketing campaigns will target people who have visited your wedding landing page over the past 60-180 days.

Video Ads

When promoting weddings video is the best way of selling the experience to potential customers. We recommend creating a wedding video which can be cut into several parts and used for bumper ads on YouTube.

Pinterest ads

With multiple formats to choose from, Pinterest can elevate your wedding strategy by running your ad creatives on one of the world's leading visual platforms. Before considering these ads, ensure you have an up-to-date and active Pinterest account.