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SEO: Best Practices

We are often asked what hotels should be doing to optimise an organic search. 

To  help you get better at SEO, here are some Do's and Don'ts of SEO:-

SEO Do's

• Create new content / pages in line with our recommendations and your own marketing strategy
• Add/Edit Alt Tag on images which are uploaded to the CMS
• Update seasonal content. Best practice would be to reuse previous content which already has search authority.
• Internal link building: Link content between relevant pages on your site
• External Link building: Build back links into your website from relevant companies who add value to your own offering. Fewer good links is better than lots of poor links.
• Review your online search presence of other sites / portfolios referencing your hotel – Manage and update any profiles you have online to best reflect your current service offering. E.g. wedding sites, local tourism sites, family sites etc
• Manage your Google my Business profile, ensure images are up to date & content is relevant and reviews are managed and responded to.

SEO Don'ts

• Do not copy content from other sources / plagiarise content. Google will penalise you for this.
• Do not have the same content on other travel sites such as TripAdvisor / Booking.com. Keep the best content for your own website and create new content for these sites.
• Do not create content just to have content on your website; your content should be relevant and appeal to your market personas.

Remember to notify Net Affinity when new content has been added to the site, otherwise this may not be picked up until we run a full audit on the site. You can log your newly created pages HERE:  by choosing "SEO: Optimise new page of content" from the Request Type dropdown and we'll optimise the page for you