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Tips for Optimising Site Speed

This article will outline tips & best practices for website site speed:-

  1. Images
  2. Videos
  3. Third Party Widgets
  4. Interactive Maps
  5. Health Check

1) Images

  • Max 2-4 images per banner
  • Auto scroll
  • Reduce the amount of images on the page
  • Background images and watermarks can weight a page down
  • Compress images prior to uploading them

2) Videos

  • Do not autoplay videos - include a play button so the visitor interacts with it if they wish.
  • Do not embed videos - link to YouTube instead.
  • If embedding a video, ensure it is compressed.
  • Do not have too many videos on one page, if there are multiple ensure that only one plays at a time for good user experience.

3) Third Party Widgets

  • Chat widgets slows down a site
  • Avoid weather widgets, sticky social icons.
  • Avoid social media feeds unless they have a dedicated page

4) Interactive Maps

  • Have a static map on homepage and interactive on location page
  • Do not have a map on mobile homepage.

5) Health Check