What are the charges associated with viewing credit card details / PCI Proxy?

As of 10th October 2018 there is a small nominal cost associated with the service (PCI Proxy) for storing and viewing Credit Card details which is based on the volume of credit card “stores” and “views” i.e. the number of times you store or view either credit card details or CVV number.

The cost per transaction will be charged at €0.03 which will be invoiced bi-annually in June and December by Net Affinity.

A transaction is defined as a card number or CCV number stored, viewed or passed to a third party e.g. Channel Manager.

The variable cost is dependent on your usage. To view the number of transaction and calculate the costs for your property, log to your booking engine > reports > credit/debit card usage

However, the good news is that it is possible to reduce this cost by following the best practices for accessing credit cards;

  • Do not access Credit Card Details until they are actually required. They are accessible for up to 60 months (5 years)
  • Credit Card details should only be required to charge an advance purchase / booking deposit or a no show, for which only then should you access the credit card details and use them.
  • Credit Card details do not need be taken and input somewhere else – they are secure and safe in the payment system.

If you prefer not to use PCI Proxy...

... your other option is to have a full integration with a payment provider. This means the payment is taken directly by the payment provider for prepaid bookings and vouchers and they store credit card details for all bookings or vouchers.

We have integrations available for Global Payments, Elavon, Stripe, Sagepay, Ingenico.

With a payment provider such as the above, you will be unable to see credit card details. These are tokenised on their interface and you can charge the cards through their system in the event of a no-show or cancellation.

 If you already have an account with one of these providers and we do not have the direct integration enabled, it will require them to update your account, and once this is done, we can update for you.

Please note if you want to send credit card details to a channel manager, PCI Proxy needs to be in place. If you choose direct integration, it is not possible for the booking engine to send credit card details to a channel manager.