What are the required dimensions for Google Display Ads?

If only 1 ad is being designed, it is recommended to use 300 x 250 px size as it is the most common placement on all devices. If you are supplying us with designed ads, please also supply a version of the image with no text/logo/CTA in the responsive display sizes listed below to ensure we can support your design with responsive ads.


Accepted Formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, ZIP, AMPHTML

Max. File Size: 150KB

General Guidelines:

  • Any animations must stop after 30 seconds
  • Ads must include a logo, preferably with the hotel name visible
  • Avoid flashing effects
  • Ads must include a call to action
  • Avoid alcohol in images as Google is unlikely to approve the ads

 In addition, here are the other advert dimensions we recommend:  

Ads that gain the most Impressions:
300 x 250
160 x 600
728 x 90

Additional Sizes if required:
468 x 60
250 x 250
120 x 600

Recommended Mobile size: 
320 x 50 (avoid animation for this size if possible)

Mobile compatible sizes (show on Desktop & mobile)
200 x 200
250 x 250
300 x 250

Image guidelines for the free responsive display ads:

Landscape (1.91:1): 1200×628 (min required: 600×314, max file size: 5120KB)
Square: 1200×1200 (min required: 300×300, max file size: 5120KB)

Note: All images should be submitted with no logo on them. Logo to be submitted separately. 

Landscape (4:1): 1200×300 (min required: 512×128, max file size: 5120KB)
Square: 1200×1200 (min required: 128×128, max file size: 5120KB)

Note: Adding only a landscape logo can limit your reach and isn't recommended.