Meta Conversion API

The Conversions API is designed to create a connection between your marketing data (such as website events) from your server, website platform, or CRM to Meta systems that optimise ad targeting, decrease cost per result and measure outcomes.

It sends detailed conversion information to Meta and allows for strong AI modelling of conversion data to make up gaps created by Apple's tracking protection and users opting out of cookies. 

For more information on the Conversion API, please visit Meta's Business Help Center.

Please note that the Conversion API requires extensive configuration from our marketing team and is billable at €150 + VAT (once off).

To enable the Conversion API, you must use a cloud storage platform to facilitate the server-side tracking capabilities of the API and there are 2 options available, both recommended by Meta.

1 - Stape

This is the more cost-effective solution for most advertisers.

Please find the set up instructions here.

2 - Google Cloud

This option can be more expensive for some advertisers but may be the better option for ease of use. You may already have an account set up to power the map on your CMS and/or your booking engine).

Please find the set up instructions here.