Summer Family Campaign Tips

  • Create imaginative packages to entice family bookers, and consider non-traditional family formats outside of the two adults/two children unit. Ensure your packages are bookable for more than 2 parents/2 kids under 12. Single-parent families, kids over 12, a mix of kids over/under 12s, more than 2 kids and grandparents joining the trip all need to be considered when setting up your packages.

  • Catch attention with a strong value proposition: Free breakfast, Kids Eat Free, etc.

  • Highlight activities and offer tickets to local attractions.

  • In August, extend your family window by switching your targeting to focus on families with babies and toddlers – these families will still be able to travel when older kids go back to school. Keep in mind that these families have different needs than families with older kids so adjust your content accordingly. 
  • While family travel windows are clearly defined, it is crucial you have campaigns running all year round to stay top of mind when families are planning their holidays. Great options for evergreen family campaigns include:
    • Facebook lead generation campaign for families (doubles up prospecting and growing your newsletter database!)
    • Family breaks search campaign on Google
    • Family brand awareness campaign using bumper ads on YouTube


Extra Tips:


For more information on family campaigns, please see our family campaign article here