YouTube Shorts and Video Ad Best Practices

What are YouTube Shorts?
YouTube Shorts are similar format to Instagram & Facebook Reels and TikTok content with a focus on short-form, vertical video content. 
Why run ads on YouTube Shorts?
Shorts ads are a great fit for brand awareness campaigns, showing ads next to trending Shorts and aimed at reaching highly engaged YouTube audiences. Shorts ads should run alongside traditional horizontal videos and are also great in combination with long-form video content. If you are already running video campaigns or are planning on including video in your 2024 strategy, get your content in both horizontal and vertical formats so you can make the best of your budget on YouTube.
You can discover new and trending YouTube Shorts for inspiration on YouTube's official Shorts channel
Here are some top tips for creating video content
Capture and captivate: Try to engage your viewer in the first few seconds. If their interest is not captured immediately, their automatic response will be to skip to the next available video. YouTube allows skipping after 5 seconds so make sure you get your brand and message across in that time frame. 
Be informative: Make sure your message is clear and appeals to the needs of your customers.
Encourage action: Strong creativity that has an enticing call to action will encourage customers to take the next step in the purchasing funnel.
If you would like to learn more about how you can include video content in your campaign strategy, please reach out to your Net Affinity account contact.